Fume Hood Service

Fume Hood Servicing and Maintenance Package
In order to ensure a safe working environment for personnel working in laboratories, all containment equipment & devices should be performing according to their optimal state.
Over time, due to exposure to hazardous chemicals or biological agents and use and misuse, general wear & tear results. It is thus recommended that a periodic check (of at least two times per year) is conducted on the primary containment equipment & devices to prolong the life cycle of the fume hoods as well as to ensure the safety of the end users.
The following is a list of the tests and inspections will be conducted by INAXES with this proposal.
Fume Hood Maintenance
  • General lubrication on the required mechanical parts
  • Checking of general electrical services & appliances such as lightings and installations
  • Visual inspection on the miscellaneous services for leakage
Face Velocity Verification
  • Verification of Fume Hood face velocity with a calibrated anemometer
Smoke Test (dry-Ice)
  • Local & large volume smoke test to be conduct on fume hood to check for excessive turbulence and any possible cross draft
Duct work (for visible area only)
  • Visual inspection of the duct work condition, to ensure corrosion or leakage free
  • Visual inspection of flow controller installed for any corrosion or defects
Exhaust Fan
  • Visual inspection on exhaust fan belt tension and fan housing
Any other General Services required, such as:
  • Check noise comparing in several running condition
  • Check room Temperature and Humidity condition trend during inspection period
Service Documentation
  • Submission of face velocity tabulation report in accordance with applicable test standard (Please see attached report form)
  • Supply of individual fume hood verification sticker for safety audit on specific tests/inspections, to remind users of next service date
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