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World Class Gas Mixing and Gas Analysis Solutions
ด้วยประสบการณ์ที่มากกว่า 45 ปี ทำให้ Thermco คือผู้นำในการผลิตเครื่อง gas mixing และ ที่ใช้ในการผลิตก๊าซ, หมุนเวียนระบบอากาศ, บรรจุหีบห่อหาการ, ป้องกันการรั่วซึมของก๊าซ และอื่นๆอีกมากมาย ด้วยประสบการณ์ทั้งหมดนี้ ทำให้ Thermco สามารถผลิคเครื่อง Gas Mixing ที่สามารถใช้ได้กับงานอุตสาหกรรมทุกชนิด

The Model 6900 is designed for the measurement of gas mixtures produced in the industrial gas industry. The analyzer is designed to quickly (3 - 5 minutes) analyze a gas cylinder, without the use of calibration standards, wet chemicals, or special knowledge of gas analysis instrumentation. The analyzer is designed so that it may be used directly in the cylinder-filling environment.

The analyzer may also be used to check gas-mixing systems in the field. If desired. The analyzer may be run continuously as an on-stream analyzer. A linear 4-20 mA output is available on all ranges.

The analyzer use's Thermco's patented thermal conductivity detector/microprocessor technology to directly readout numerous mixtures created for the welding, heat treating, and food packaging industries.

The analyzer contains 9 ranges, which are selected with the push buttons on the front of the analyzer. All 9 ranges are factories calibrated. A custom ranges for calibration by the user us also available.


  • 0-100% Carbon Dioxide in Argon
  • 0-100% Oxygen in Argon
  • 0-100% Helium in Argon
  • 0-100% Hydrogen in Argon
  • 0-100% Nitrogen in Argon
  • 0-100% Carbon Dioxide in Nitrogen
  • 0-100% Helium in Nitrogen
  • 0-100% Hydrogen in Nitrogen
  • Custom Range

Valid over 50F to 90F(10C to 32C) ambient temperature conditions.
  • +/-0.3% of minor component over range of 0-10.1%, all ranges.
  • Example: for a 5% O2 in Ar mixture, the analysis will be between 4.7 and 5.3% O2.
  • +/-0.5% of minor component over a range of 10.1 % to 30.0%, all ranges.
  • Example: for a 25% CO2 in N2 mixture, the analysis will be between 24.5 % and 25.5 % CO2.
  • +/-2% of minor component over a range of 60.1% to 100.0%, all ranges, except CO2 in Ar, which has an accuracy of ?8%. Example: for a 75% He in Ar mixture, the analysis will be between 73.0% and 77.0% He.

  • 40F to 100F (4C to 38C)

  • 0.1%

  • 95% in 45 sec. for typical gas mixtures

  • Reference Gas: Commercial grade argon or nitrogen (depending upon the base gas range used) is required to flow continuously at 0.5 SCFH during analysis.
  • Sample Gas: Moisture and oil free sample gas is required to flow continuously at 1.0 SCFH during analysis.
  • Sample, reference gas pressure: 1-100 PSIG
  • Power: 115 VAC, 60Hz , 1 Amp (220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Optional)

  • Calibration is recommended once a year when used under spot-checking conditions; if run continuously will depend on conditions and range.

  • 8 minutes under room temperature conditions

  • Size: 9". high, 11". wide, 14". deep (23 cm X 28 cm X 35.5 cm),
  • Weight: 22 pounds (10 kg)

  • Sea level to 2000 ft. (Altitude above 2000 ft. will cause some inaccuracy; consult the factory)

  • Current: 4-20 mA, proportional to gas analysis range selected (available on all ranges). The 4-20 mA resolution equals display resolution of 0.1% gas analysis.

Each gas has the ability to conduct heat at a specific rate. This is known as the thermal conductivity of the gas. This property is utilized in the Thermco thermal conductivity detector. Heated metal filaments are exposed to the zero and sample gases. The amount of heat carried away by the gas changes the rate of cooling of the wire filament and therefore, its temperature change. This temperature change causes a resistance change. Since the filaments are arranged in a Wheatstone bridge, the resistance change can be converted to an electrical current that is read out on a meter.

Traditionally, a drawback to using the thermal conductivity method has been the non-linear signal created from virtually all-binary gas mixtures. The user had to refer to a curve in order correct for the non-linearity. The model 6900 is a significant improvement in the technology of handling the signal from the thermal conductivity detector. The unique curves generated by the 9 binary gas pairs are each programmed at the factory into the microprocessor in the Model 6900. The user selects the range of interest from the front panel of the analyzer is able to read out directly in the percent gas analysis for that particular gas mixture.

The calibration stability of the model 6900 analyzer is exceptional, especially compared to the infrared type or chemical cell type gas analyzers which may require recalibrations on a daily basis. It is recommended that the calibration be checked once per year, if used on a spot checking basis.

The user may encounter a gas mixture pair other than the nine standard ranges built into the analyzer. In this case, the user may perform an analysis by inputting his own calibration data into the analyzer. This can be accomplished by utilizing the push buttons on the front meter. Guidance is available from the factory concerning the thermal conductivity response of a wide variety of gas pairs.

Although the Model 6900 is not normally intended to measure a 3-part mixture, mixtures of Ar / CO2 / O2 may be approximately measured if the user knows the oxygen level in the mix. Contact Thermco for details.

Thermco has been providing service for their analyzers since 1951. The Thermco repair department can normally complete repairs in two weeks.

The Model 6900 is not intended to measure oxygen/nitrogen mixtures for breathing air, oxygen purity, or other medical applications.

The Model 6900 is not designed to be used with toxic gases or gases corrosive to brass or nylon.

Along with the analyzer are supplied two 10 ft. lengths of tubing to run from the ports on the Model 6900 to cylinder regulators.

Orders may be placed through many local industrial gas suppliers. Orders may also be placed directly with the Thermco factory.

In the interest of continued product improvement, Thermco reserves the right to change design features without prior notice.

Sale of this equipment is under the terms of the Thermco warranty available on request.
H2/N2, H2/Ar GAS MIXING SYSTEMS MODELS 8300, 8350, 8400, 8450, 8600

  • Continuous gas analysis of the gas mixture
  • Infinite flow rate turndown
  • Gas mixture may be easily adjusted to optimum set point
  • Built-in alarms to alert personnel to improper conditions
  • For multiple furnace applications, single station mixing improves safety and management control of the mixture
  • The furnace atmosphere models meet the applicable sections of NFPA 86, Chapter 7
  • Available in standard capacities of 0 - 2,000, 0 - 5,000, and 0-10,000 SCFH


Furnace Atmosphere
Mixtures of hydrogen and nitrogen are often required in the heat treating industry to create a special atmosphere in furnaces. The Thermco gas mixer can create gas mixtures from bulk sources to create a system that is economical and reliable. The Thermco surge tank based system has infinite flow rate turndown capability able to supply a single furnace or a multiple number of furnaces. Some of the common processes used with the gas mixer are:
  • Annealing steel coils
  • Annealing copper, brass
  • Brazing
  • Glass metal seals
  • Oxide coating of steel
  • Sintering
The Thermco furnace atmosphere gas mixer is designed to meet the applicable requirements of NFPA 86, Standard for Industrial Furnaces Using a Special Processing Atmosphere.

Welding Gas
Gas mixers are available for mixing hydrogen and argon for welding purposes (usually plasma welding). The typical range of these gas mixers is 0 - 10% H2 in Ar, which can produce a mixture of 5% H2 / 95% Ar. The H2 / Ar gas mixers are designed the same as the furnace atmosphere gas mixers, except the argon flow is shut off during a power failure and manual reset is not required to restart hydrogen flow after an alarm.
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